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Toefl Strategis For Listening Section

Only Study the English that TOEFL Uses

Strictly English's tutors only focus on the English you need for the Listening Section of the TOEFL. For example, because almost every TOEFL lecture uses adverbials and adverbial phrases to introduce an opposing point of view, we make sure that you understand that grammatical pattern.
Improve your Knowledge of Academic Content

The TOEFL listening section has you listen to lectures and class discussions from various academic subjects like biology, psychology, art history, geology, literature, etc. This is why our Listening Package gives your close to 300 lectures on various academic topics. These lectures will make you more confident when listening to university lectures.
Strengthen your Listening by Reading. Presenting, and Transcribing

Many people think that the best way to improve your listening is to listen, listen, listen. And, yes: this will help. But listening to English is just one of four ways to improve your listening. In addition, we have our students read academic lecture, give presentations on academic topics, and copy written versions of lectures.
Ear Training

Many students have trouble understanding lectures and conversations because they are unable to hear the words that native speakers of English either verbally contract together or "swallow" when talking. Our ear training exercises help you hear these verbal contractions and these swallowed words so that you will have a better understanding of what you're listening to.
Explain Wrong Answers

It's not only important to know which answer choice is correct. It is also very important to know why a wrong answer choice is wrong. As we train you to explain why an incorrect answer choice is wrong, you will strengthen your critical ability to answer questions more quickly.
Write TOEFL Test Questions

If you can begin thinking like a TOEFL-test writer, then you'll be able to identify the tricks and traps TOEFL puts into their answer choices. So we have you wr ite your own TOEFL questions to various TOEFL lectures.
Align the TOEFL books from easiest to hardest

Because some TOEFL books are more advanced than others, Strictly English has sequenced the TOEFL books on the market from easiest to hardest so that as your study of Listening will become more challenging as you go.

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